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أخطاء يجب عليك تجنبها عند إنتاج فيديو تسويقي كيف تستخدم استراتيجية التسويق بالمحتوى في عملك؟ What backlinks do Nofollow? | Nofollow link How to Create relevant YouTube ads How to set the targeting of the advertising campaign on YouTube

Create relevant YouTube ads When creating your relevant YouTube ads, focus on providing your ads with relevant titles, calls to action, and other creative features that prompt viewers to take action.

Create your ads YouTube

1. Find a video you’ve uploaded to YouTube or enter the URL of the video from YouTube.
2. Choose one of the eligible ad formats.  You’ll see a message in Google Ads if a particular ad format isn’t eligible for the campaign.  Depending on the goal you’ve chosen, you can choose:

Skippable in-stream ads.
Non-skippable in-stream ads.
In-feed video ads.
Bumper Advertising.
Off-stream ads.

3. Enter your final URL, which is the address of the landing page that you want people to reach when they click on your ad.

  By default, the domain appears only in your ad text.  So, if your final URL is “”, your ad will show “”.  To show more URL in your ad, add a display URL.
4. Enter the Display URL, which is a different or an exact copy of the Final URL.  This display URL will not affect which page people go to when they click your ad.
5. Enter a banner, interactive call to action that directs people to the website specified in the final URL.
6. Enter a title, which is the title that will appear in the main line of text promoting your product or service.
7. (Optional) Click Ad URL Options (Advanced) to add a tracking template, final URL suffix, or custom parameters to your final URL.  Tracking criteria can help you track where your traffic is coming from, such as mobile devices.
8. Add an accompanying banner to create an image or group of images to appear alongside the video.  Companion banner ads appear on computers only.  You can choose an image automatically generated from the videos in your YouTube channel (recommended action) or an image that you upload manually as an accompanying banner.
9. Enter a name for your ad.
10. If the ad looks good, click Create campaign.

Next steps:

After you’ve Create relevant YouTube ads, it may take a few days for your ads to start showing.  Ads are usually approved within one day.  It may take longer for bids to fully optimize performance.

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