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أخطاء يجب عليك تجنبها عند إنتاج فيديو تسويقي كيف تستخدم استراتيجية التسويق بالمحتوى في عملك؟ What backlinks do Nofollow? | Nofollow link How to Create relevant YouTube ads How to set the targeting of the advertising campaign on YouTube

YouTube funded advertising campaign When you create a new video campaign in your Google Ads account, you’ll choose one of the following campaign goals: sales, leads, website visits, product and brand thinking, or brand awareness and reach.

The goal you choose should align with what you want to achieve with your campaign.  For example, if you want to encourage people to visit your website, you can choose Site visits.

Youtube funded advertising campaign

Create a new campaign and set a goal

     1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
     2. Choose campaigns.
     3. Click the plus icon, then choose a new campaign.
     4. Choose your campaign objective: sales, leads, website visits, consider buying your product and brand, or increase brand awareness and reach.
       The objective you choose determines the available subtypes of the campaign.
      If you don’t have a campaign objective, select Create campaign without receiving instructions for the objective.

     5. Under the “Choose a campaign type” section, select a video.
     6. Under the “Choose a campaign sub-type” section, choose a sub-type of your campaign. 

Learn how each subtype contributes to achieving your specific advertising goals:

Increase conversions: Increase sales and leads through targeting and ads focused on actions.

Custom video campaign: You can customize your settings with different types of ads.

Audience-focused video campaign: Maximize audience reach within your budget.  In this subtype of campaigns, you can choose to reach more individual users with bumper ads, skippable in-video ads, an optional combination of both ad formats (effective reach), or choose to reach users with your full message through ads  Non-skippable In-stream ads (In-stream ads are not skippable).

Influence the buying decision: You can encourage people to consider buying your product with your ads.

Off-stream: You can customize your ads for phones and tablets.

Ad Sequence: You can tell a story using a series of ads.

Shopping: Promote your products and encourage users to shop on your website.

     7. Click Continue.

after Learn Choosing a goal from the YouTube funded next to Learn set up ad group targeting.

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