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أخطاء يجب عليك تجنبها عند إنتاج فيديو تسويقي كيف تستخدم استراتيجية التسويق بالمحتوى في عملك؟ What backlinks do Nofollow? | Nofollow link How to Create relevant YouTube ads How to set the targeting of the advertising campaign on YouTube

We’ll get to know How to adjust the targeting of the advertising campaign on YouTube.

How to set Youtube advertising campaign targeting Reach people who are searching for your brand or business.

Targeting of the advertising campaign on YouTube

In your campaign, you can reach people in a specific geographic location, who speak a specific language, or who have a specific interest in using campaign targeting. Google Ads also allows you to add content exceptions to your campaigns, so you can make sure your ads don’t run alongside sensitive content.

Campaign targeting setting

  1. Choose the networks where you want to show your ads. The network is where your ads can appear. For ads, these could include:

YouTube search results

Your ads can appear next to YouTube search results. This option is only available for campaigns that use In-feed video ads.

Videos on YouTube

Your ads can appear on YouTube videos, channel pages, and the YouTube homepage.

Display network video partners

These are also known as Google video partners, and your ads can appear on websites and apps on the Display Network. It’s a good idea to keep this option checked, as it can help you expand your audience beyond YouTube.

2. Choose your preferred language settings for your ads. Depending on the languages ​​you choose, your ads will appear to people who visit websites and apps that use those languages.

3. Choose the locations of the users your ads will appear to.

4. Choose content exclusion settings that allow you to stop showing your campaigns alongside content that might not be appropriate for your brand or product.

Warehouse types

With inventory types, you can stop groups of sensitive content that don’t align with your campaign’s branding or message.

Excluded types and classes

Choose the types of content and digital content categories you want to exclude from your video campaign. For example, you can exclude your ads from showing alongside live video broadcasts or rated adult content.

5. (Optional) Click More settings to set up device-related targeting, limit how often your ads show to people, or set an ad schedule.

After you set up campaign targeting (targeting of the advertising campaign on YouTube ) , you’ll be able to set up ad group targeting.

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