Steps in the process of creating a sponsored YouTube ad campaign.

Create a YouTube advertising campaign

advertising campaign on YouTube

advertising campaign on YouTube allow you to reach and engage with your audience on YouTube through Google video partners. When creating a YouTube advertising campaign, you can choose from many campaign objectives, campaign subtypes, and ad formats that inform people about your products and services and encourage them to take action.

What will you learn?

A successful YouTube ad campaign must have the right targeting, bids, budget, and ads to achieve your goal. This article walks you through the steps of creating a video campaign:

Choose the goal of the ad campaign funded by YouTube.
How to effectively spend a budget on a funded YouTube ad.
Reach people who are searching for your brand or business.
Organize your ads with ad groups.
How to Create the Right YouTube Advertisement.

  1. Choose the goal of the YouTube funded advertising campaign.
  2. How to effectively spend a budget on a funded YouTube ad.
  3. How to set up the ad campaign targeting.
  4. How to organize and target ads with ad groups.
  5. How to create a suitable and appropriate sponsored YouTube ad. Optimize your campaign as you build it

While creating your campaign, you may receive notifications depending on the settings you choose. These notifications may alert you to issues that may decrease performance or may be too large to publish your campaign.

The campaign creation navigation menu that appears during the creation of your campaign provides an overview of the creation progress and alerts you to notifications you may wish to address. Go through the steps in the navigation menu to easily review and resolve potential issues with targeting, bidding, budget, or other campaign settings. Learn more about the features that help you create a successful campaign.