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Content marketing Today we will today define Content marketing as well as Why is #content_marketing important? and Types of marketing content. 

Important marketing content is the process of creating, planning,  distributing, sharing and publishing content across channels such as social media, websites, blogs, podcasts, press releases, apps, print publications, and more.

What is content marketing?

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Content marketing is the process of creating, planning,  distributing, sharing and publishing content across channels such as social media, websites, blogs, podcasts, press releases, apps, print publications, and more.  The goal is to reach your target audience and increase brand awareness, engagement, sales, and loyalty.

Why is content marketing important?

Educate prospects and potential customers about the products and services you offer Increase conversions.

Build relationships between your customers and your business that lead to increased loyalty.

Show your audience how your products and services address their challenges.

Create a sense of community around your brand

Now let’s take a look at the different types of content marketing.

  Types of content marketing

There are many types of content marketing you might choose to incorporate into your strategy – here are some of the most popular:

1. Social media

With over 3.6 billion social network users globally, it is easy to understand why so many businesses invest in social media marketing.  There are a number of platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat) to work with and many ways you can create and share content on each of them (such as photos, live videos, pre-recorded videos, and stories).

2. Infographic

Graphs display content, information, and data in an easy-to-understand graphical format.  With a combination of simple wording, short phrases, and clear images, infographics are a great way to communicate your content effectively.  It works well if you are trying to summarize an educational and/or complex topic so that all members of the audience can understand it.

3. Blog

Blogs are a powerful type of incoming content and allow for a lot of creativity regarding their purpose and topic.  With a blog, you can do things like promote other external and internal content and blog articles via links, add social share buttons, and integrate product information.

4. Podcast content_marketing

A 2020 survey found that 49% of people ages 12 to 32 in the United States have listened to a podcast within the past month, averaging six hours per week.  For this reason, many companies and media outlets have started creating and sharing their podcasts.

Podcasts allow for a lot of creativity as you can be about any topic you choose.  Additionally, you can specify other podcast-related factors such as the tempo of the episodes, who’s in the podcast, where the podcast is advertised, and the duration of episodes.

5. Video content_marketing

According to Wyzowl’s research, 69% of consumers said they would prefer learning about a brand’s product or service through video.  Additionally, improve ROI, video #marketing can boost conversions, and help you build relationships with audience members.  You can choose to share your video content on social media platforms, landing pages, or on a co-marketer’s website.

6. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can help you reach a wide audience and allow you to put yourself in all the places you want to see – Paid advertising is especially useful when paired with inbound marketing.  There are many places where you can share paid ads including on social media, landing pages, banners, and sponsored #content.

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