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SEO in Google Welcome to the new SEO Google guide! This comprehensive resource shows you how to rank higher in Google search.

What is SEO in Google?

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The new Google SEO guide!

Welcome to the new Google SEO guide! This comprehensive resource shows you how to rank higher in Google search.

  What is search engine optimization in google?

  Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the practice of including content on your site that has the potential to improve your site’s visibility to search engines and their users—in other words, it can help your website appear more often in relevant searches.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of continually improving a website to obtain higher rankings in organic search results, focusing on popular search engines such as Google.

  However, SEO is not just about optimizing your website.

  In fact, SEO can and should include other disciplines of digital marketing, including:

  •   Content Marketing.
  •   Public relations.
  •   trade mark.
  •   Improve conversion rate.
  •   Programming and web development.
  •   Content design.
  •   User Experience (UX).
  •   many others.

  In short, the sites that perform best in Google are not only good at SEO.  They are generally good in the world of digital marketing.

  With that out of the way, let’s dig deeper into it

  This Google SEO guide!

  Google SEO Guide to Keyword Research

  When it comes to SEO for Google, your most important keyword research should be your first step.  This is because you want to optimize your content around the keywords people type into Google.

  And when you optimize your web pages around these exact search queries, you can rank your blog posts and landing pages for those terms.

  Write SEO friendly content

  Now that you have a list of keywords that your target customer is searching for in Google, it’s time to write content.  Fortunately, thanks to the keyword research you just conducted, this step should be pretty simple.  All you have to do is write a piece of premium quality content for each keyword on your list.

  Optimizing Content for Google SEO

  Now is the time to optimize each page of your site around a single keyword.  If you are starting for the first time, this keyword should be a long tail keyword.  Long terms don’t get much search volume.  But they are less competitive.  So you stand a better chance of ranking #1.

  Whether you use a long tail keyword or not, optimizing your page for Google SEO is exactly the same.  The SEO mini-checklist will help ensure that your page is optimized for SEO.

  Include your main keyword:

  In the first 100 words of your web page

  You probably already know that you want to use your keyword multiple times on your page.  However, it is important to use your keyword at least once at the beginning of your content (first 50-100 keywords are preferred).

  in your address tag

  From a Google SEO point of view, your title tag is the most important to include your keyword.

  in your page URL

  Although it’s not nearly as important as the title tag, you want your keyword to be used once in your page URL.

  And if you want to improve a file Google seo page, also implement Website SEO Techniques:

  Use your own keyword in H1 and H2 subheader

  This assures Google that your page is focused on that keyword and topic.

  Use keyword-rich image file names and alt text

  Optimizing photos is not so important.  But it can help.

  Add internal links

  Internal links can help Google search spiders find, crawl, and index more pages on your site (and help them rank higher in Google search results).  Bonus points if you are the one using keyword rich anchor text in your internal links.

  Use related synonyms and terms

  Use different synonyms of your target keyword on your page.  For example, if your keyword is “kettlebell exercise,” use variations such as “kettlebell exercises” and “easy kettlebell moves.”

  Write an attractive meta description

  Although using keywords in meta description is not a ranking factor anymore, free CTR is.  And when Google searchers see a compelling meta description in organic search results, they are more likely to click on your site.

  Make your site work on mobile phones

  In other words, your site must be mobile-optimized for Google searchers and search engine crawlers (also known as “spiders”).

  Use structured data

  Structured data (the schema) can help your site stand out as rich snippets in search results.

  Building links and communication

  Link building is the most important and hardest part of any SEO strategy.  The simple truth is: if your site doesn’t have backlinks pointing to it, you probably won’t rank very well.  It is also important to promote your content through outreach and through social media.

  Google SEO Tools and Software

  You can practice technical SEO without any single tool.  But it makes Google SEO more difficult.

  Taking your Google SEO to the top level

  It’s time to wrap up our Google SEO getting started guide with some advanced strategies and tactics that SEO professionals use.

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