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Writing SEO Content And Going Viral Via Social Networking

Content Writing, SEO content, Social Networking, SEO content writing, search engine optimization, content writing,writing SEO, marketing, Search engine optimization (SEO), marketing content,

Content Writing, writing SEO content, Social Networking,SEO Social Networking, SEO content writing, search engine optimization, content writing,writing SEO, marketing, Search engine optimization (SEO), marketing content,

  writing SEO content , or writing search engine optimization content , is a must if you want to make yourself visible on the internet these days.  You cannot simply describe any copy as “no matter how good” and expect it to sell your product or service.  Instead, the search engine should optimize this copy, so that your customers can find you.  Additionally, search engines have to find your copy acceptable;  Search engines are certainly inanimate “tools”, but they are still very important and you have to follow the rules to make sure you are not blacklisted in order to remain visible.

  If you’ve been in business for a while, you know that writing well-done SEO content is important to keeping search engines happy.  But what you may not know is that the process is about much more than just content.  why?
  It can help you “spread fast”
  Well-optimized content doesn’t just help you make sure that search engines find you.  When used properly with social networking tools, optimized content can actually help you spread.  What does it mean for the virus to spread?
  When a blog post, web page, video or anything else of yours that promotes your product or service goes viral, it means that it is spreading “like a virus” online.  That means it gets a lot and a lot of exposure, and a lot of people see it.  This is good for your business, because when you are seen, you get traffic, and when you get traffic, you get customers.  Here’s how it works:
  You publish a well-written blog post that talks about your product or service.  In this blog post, you can use applicable keywords both in your blog post title and in your post body, to a keyword density of around 1.5%.
  If you have your blog set up on an RSS feed and use the appropriate tags in terms of writing SEO content based on keyword searches that people will use when they search for your type of information, your blog will soon be visible to search so that people can find you.
  Here is where it gets really interesting.  The more people like and tag your article via social networking channels such as Digg, Facebook or, the more visible your content will be;  “Liking” your blog post on social media creates a lot of organic backlinks, which boost your search engine rankings.

So, with this type of SEO content writing, you not only have to worry about the content itself, but also about the keywords and tags you use when writing your blog post. When you spread quickly, you get amazing visibility, which leads to more traffic to your site and gives you more opportunities to convert leads into customers.

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