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Here are 5 Reasons Why SEO is Important for Small Businesses Optimum User Experience.  User experience, or UX, plays a huge role in your ranking. 

Search engine optimization enhances user experience Almost everything in marketing works hand in hand with each other.  

SEO strategies such as creating high quality content, mobile optimization, search engine listings, and appropriate keyword research and use come together to form a better user experience for your website.

Why SEO Is Important For Small Businesses

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  Why Businesses Need SEO? 

  SEO has become a kind of buzzword in the business world, right?  For many, SEO may conjure up a vision for large corporations, companies, and other organizations that compete on a global scale.

  However, did you know that search engine optimization (SEO) is just as important to smaller, local businesses for those larger companies?

  In today’s blog, let’s explore why SEO is so important, especially for small businesses in Massachusetts, where there is a delicate balance between big and small.

  First, if you’re new to dealing with these parts, let’s get you up to speed with a short, straightforward explanation of what is SEO?.

What is search engine optimization?

SEO means search engine optimization. 

 SEO is how marketers, via website content, development, and design, tell search engines (such as Bing and Google) what your website/business is all about.

  When search engines send their bots (or spiders) to crawl your website, they use this information to determine whether or not your content is relevant to users’ intentions when performing certain searches.

  The more you can create SEO-friendly content that delivers exceptional information covering relevant topics and keywords, the higher your website or the page will rank in search engines.  This leads to traffic flow, user engagement, and ultimately conversions.

Here are 5 reasons why SEO is important for small businesses

1. SEO keeps small businesses competitive

The business landscape is moving at an amazing speed.  Whether you’re a Mom & Pop wine and cheese market or a Whole Foods franchisee, establishments must always remain adaptable and competitive.  The digital culture we have become means, for most people, that decision-making information is just a few clicks away.

  While this may worry some holding on to the past, this provides lucrative opportunities for small businesses to compete with their larger chain counterparts.  By using SEO to effectively deliver relevant site-based content that describes exceptional products and services, small businesses can gain exposure where they would otherwise be buried.

  Small businesses may not have anywhere near the marketing budget and PPC budget of large organizations, but they certainly have access to SEO tools and strategies and the digital landscape to effectively present their brand and messaging.

 2. SEO builds brand credibility

Did you know that a consistent SEO strategy can help build your business credibility, industry awareness, and even authority?

  With almost constant updates, search engine algorithms are constantly trying to improve how websites, pages, and content are delivered to their users.

  It is important to remember that an SEO strategy does not “trick” search engines into finding your website.  Many search engines have become wise to the old black hat SEO tactics and actively penalize websites for their use, which has significantly dropped the SERP ranking.

  Engaging in ethical, well-researched, and consistent SEO techniques such as blogging, keyword research, mobile optimization, link building, etc., you create quality content that also lets Google and other search engines know that your site should be trustworthy.  Then, once this cycle begins to drive impressions, traffic, conversions, and a rise in SERP rankings, Google will begin to recognize your company as a trusted source.

3. SEO brings in organic traffic


Although pay-per-click campaigns certainly offer high value when it comes to marketing your brand(s), there is no doubt that traffic from organic search results still prevails.  According to a study by Brightedge Research, “53% of all web traffic is the result of organic search.”

  So, if you are hesitant to spend valuable time and budget on paid-per-click (PPC) campaigns and paid social media, rest assured that a proper and customized SEO strategy can increase the quality of traffic to your website.  An increase in organic traffic also means that your SEO efforts expose your brand to new audiences, which can bring in previously unreachable clients and leads.

  To put this in perspective, Ahrefs reports that SEO strategies drive more than 1,000% more traffic to websites than organic social media — an amazing and really important statistic.

4. SEO Enhances User Experience

Almost everything in marketing works hand in hand with each other.  SEO strategies such as creating high-quality content, mobile optimization, search engine listings, and appropriate keyword research and use come together to form a better user experience for your website.

  Search engines are smart (like super smart) and they’ve learned the signals of bad user experience.  Data sets, such as high bounce rates as well as slow page load times, and search engines indicate that the user experience on your site is poor at best.

  This lowers your website’s ranking, which severely affects traffic, engagement, conversions, and overall domain success.

  This is an especially huge factor when it comes to mobile optimization.  52.2% of all website visits worldwide come directly from mobile devices, such as smartphones.  This means that more than half of the world’s internet users are now using their smartphones on their laptops or desktop computer.

  If your website is not optimized for mobile interaction such as slow mobile loading speed, lackluster mobile website design, poor website navigation, you are effectively eliminating more than half of your potential audience while destroying search engine rankings.  So, yes, it’s not a great look for SEO or your business.

5. SEO can make you a global competitor (if you want to)

The Voice Search Engine Optimization strategy, which provides high-quality content and user experience to audiences seeking to reach them, provides an almost equal playing field for all businesses.  The age of enhanced e-commerce and digital business means that portals are broken, and all businesses (yes, including yours!) can become global competitors through organic search.

  Now, not everyone wants to be a global contender.  And local SEO strategies are a great tool to stand out, gain traffic, welcome new visitors to your restaurant, retail store, etc. d like (regionally, nationally, and even worldwide) exists through a customized and ethical SEO strategy?

  Therefore, if you have any questions regarding growing your local business and/or online presence with an experienced SEO strategy, feel free to contact Sperling Interactive today.  As local neighbors, we will make sure to provide you with a comprehensive SEO strategy to ensure search engine exposure and engagement, helping to grow your business as you see fit.

  Whether you want us to take the wheel of SEO or guide you through best SEO practices that you can implement on your own, we’re here to help.

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